Organize a road trip to England to discover the whole country

Organize a road trip to England to discover the whole country

England is a very great nation of the United Kingdom, in Europe. It is among the famous destinations of Opodo Agency. Due to the old days of colonialism, natural reserves, culture, and many other attractions, England is a popular destination for universal tourism.

To experience the best of the country, a road trip is recommended to visitors who want to find out more about this UK land. So organize a road trip in order to discover the whole country.

Heritage cities of England

Many of England towns and cities were settled during the colonialism period. They all have monuments and fascinating places that make Britain's antiquity inescapable. All this make the nation a treasure trove of historical insights that may inspire visitors. Here are some historic cities with their special and famous places to explore in England:

  •  LONDON: the capital of England, it is a tourism center thanks to the Big Ben and the Tower of London
  •  BATH: known for its Georgian architecture, Roman baths, Bath Abbey
  •  BRIGHTON: location of the Royal Pavilion
  •  CAMBRIDGE: renowned for the second-oldest university of English-speaking country, Cambridge University
  •  CANTERBURY: place of an old and famous Cathedral
  •  BRISTOL: known for its Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Museum Ship

England national reserves

With over 224 National nature reserves, England gives unforgettable adventures to visitors. There are many parks and natural sites that you can choose from during your road trip.

The largest one is Lake District. All of them contain a variety of wild animals and plants to discover. Many other small rare species like birds, butterflies, insects, reptiles, mammals are also important. 

The country also has its own native animals and plants that you cannot see anywhere else like Scottish wildcat (mammals), Alchemilla minima (plant), Scottish crossbill (bird), Psylliodes luridipennis (insect) etc.

Other Attractions

A road trip across England is also a great opportunity for travelers. It will allow you to find fascinating places that you will leave good memories to your lifetime.

The cities and national reserves are very important, but there are many other attractive sites that you should not miss to see in England. Here are some of the most incredible spots in Britain:

  •  The Cotswolds: characterized by stone-built villages, stately homes, range of hills and beautiful gardens
  •  Stonehenge: a prehistorical monument, made of a series of standing stones. It is one of the landmarks in the UK.
  •  Camber Sands: a very large sand dune with marram grass and chestnut trees along the ocean
  •  Canonteign Falls: the highest waterfall in England

Arranging a road trip across England

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