Focus on Cleethor, a small town in North East Lincolnshire

Small Town
Photo Focus on Cleethor, a small town in North East Lincolnshire

Cleethorpes is a small town located in the Northeast part of Lincolnshire of the UK. It is a small area but encompasses many interesting things. After being as a fishing village for many years, Cleethorpes has been transformed as an amazing resort where many vacationers and holiday makers spend good and amusing moments.

From stunning beaches, incredible pier, romantic lakes to beautiful gardens, Cleethorpes is a perfect place to spend your vacation and holiday.

Some of the best things to see and do

  • The beach

Cleethorpes has a wonderful seafront covered in golden sandy beach and some beautiful places. The beach entertains everyone in all ages thanks to the shallow water, artificial paddling pools and the vast sandy area. Many people frequent the beach to enjoy a number of water activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing and surfing. Children can also go on donkey rides along the golden sand.

  • The Pier

Considered as the biggest fish and chip shops of the United Kingdom, the pier in Cleethorpes is one of the most interesting spots in this small town. It opened in 1873 and has served as an exhibition hall, nightclub and amusement arcade. This covered pier includes different shops and restaurants and you can visit and take a walk around the location.

  • Cleethorpes Pier Gardens

The Pier Gardens are a calm and romantic spot to enjoy the silence and give peace to your mind. The gardens include colorful flowers, ornament waterfalls, large green lands, bodies of water and garden chairs to make you have a rest in its natural beauty. Sitting in the gardens allows you to take in distant view of the Humber Estuary, the Victorian folly and Ross Castle which are also among the best attractions of Cleethorpes.

  • Lollipop Land Train

If you are used to taking your kids to amusing parks or malls and allow them led by kid trains for pleasure, you will have the chance to do the same in Cleethorpes town. The Lollipop Land Train is a train-like vehicle with attached cars which can run out of the railway. It is used to entertain adults and kids by driving them around the town for pleasure. It is really amusing for everyone!

  • Jungle Zoo

If you want your kids to explore harmless creatures such as lemurs, meerkats, pygmy goats, amazon parrots, capuchin monkeys, macaws, kune kune pigs and many wild birds, Jungle Zoo is recommended to you. The zoo also has terrariums where you can see and observe reptile species such as soft-shell turtles, frogs, chameleons. Cleethorpes's Jungle Zoo will offer you an adventurous visit for its different wild animals.

  • The lake

Cleethorpes Boating Lake is a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful natural view and some water activities. It is composed of the intersection of two lakes. You can go fishing in the north part of the lake. The south part is used to entertaining holiday makers with pedal boats and rowboats to allow the sail through the lake.

Spend a holiday in Cleethorpes

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