Focus on Grimsby, a big city in the North East Lincolnshire

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Photo Focus on Grimsby, a big city in the North East Lincolnshire

Grimsby, a large coastal city in the North East Lincolnshire, is first well-known for its large fishing industry. However, the city also combines a variety of attractions and things to do when it comes to vacation or holiday. If you are planning to travel to the North East Lincolnshire and want to focus on Grimsby, take a look at the following ideas about the place.

Focus on Grimsby

  • Beamer Falls

Just after leaving the highway in the town of Grimsby, Ontario you will see a great natural place which is the Beamer Falls Conservation Area. Many people also call it Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. The area is first well-known for its nice relaxing trails; it is perfect for walking almost throughout the year. Beamer Falls Conservation Area is a bit smaller, but it includes some of the best attractions in the North East Lincolnshire.

Visiting this conservation area in spring means that you are going to explore the best view point of the province for experiencing the hawks during their migration period. There are also some other common wild birds such as bald eagles, turkey vultures that you can see. Thanks to the rocky waterfalls and the many trails that are interconnected, Beamer falls area is one of the best destinations for hiking and some other adventurous trips.

  • Grimsby Museum

Created in 1984, it is one of the most important attractions in Grimsby. The museum is managed by Grimsby and serves as a great treasure strove of the city's cultural life. The museum presents two principal exhibition galleries. Exhibitions about the Niagara region and the city take place here very often. This cultural building keeps a great number of artifacts, including pieces of arts, archives, textiles, photographs, archaeological material and many other interesting objects.

If you are traveling with children, the museum is a perfect destination to enjoy various special events and many children's activities. So take time to visit the Grimsby Museum and buy some gifts and good memories back from your trip.

  • Forty Creek Distillery

If you want to experience more about wineries, vineyards and the best drink of Grimsby, do not miss to put your foot at Forty Creek Distillery. This is a great place to learn more about how wine and whiskey are made, for example you will get to know how to cook with it here.

Forty Creek Distillery also offers the opportunity to try the best wine and whiskey of Grimsby city. It is available for the visit and ready to offer the best to any visitors from any countries.

  • Fifty Point Conservation area

If you are a nature lover and want to practice a variety of holiday activities in the green natural landscapes, I recommend this large park of Grimsby. Here you can find a number of beautiful landscapes such as green forests, iconic lakes and waterfront spots and beautiful houses. Fifty Point Conservation area also offers many exciting activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, and camping.

Plan your travel to Grimsby

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